How To Cultivate Happiness


“The decision to be positive is not one that disregards or belittles the sadness that exists. It is rather a conscious choice to focus on the good and to cultivate happiness and genuine happiness… Happiness is not a limited resource.”

Is there such a thing as happiness? Can anyone be happy? What is happiness? And how can you cultivate it? Even the word “happiness” may seem like an abstract term, meaning different things to different people with different mindsets.

There are many things that can make or change your mood into a better one; like, doing something for someone else making that person happy bringing inner joy (self-satisfaction) or even things like spending loads of money on yourself, not on material things but on an experience that will bring good memories like going out or travel.

For me, the things that help me stay positive & remain in a complete state of clarity are the following two factors:

• Don’t sweat decisions.
The longer a decision is debated, the less happier the decider is with the final outcome. First set your standards & be clear on what matters to you, then choose the first option that meets them.

• Don’t dwell on things.
The happiest people don’t dwell on negative or ambiguous events. “Excessive introspection saps your mental resources making it harder for positive changes to occur.” things like looking in the mirror, sitting in the dark, listening to songs that depress you is a no-go. Being grateful & content, not holding feelings back is important too.

Depression is a world problem that can be fixed.

Meditate, exercise, do something spontaneous & see the difference in the way you live. From negative to positive.

If still there is no prevail, then seek professional help.

Hope this post has helped someone.

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Releasing Endorphins

Definition of endorphin’s – Any of a group of pep-tide hormones that bind to opiate receptors and are found mainly in the brain. Endorphin’s reduce the sensation of pain and affect emotions.

Hey, if this hasn’t helped you out, there are many more articles online. Just search “How To Be Happy” on Google or any search engine.

Again I urge anyone that still feels the same way to seek professional help or talk to someone close.

Have a good day beautiful people. Have a good life. Love



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